Barocco Foundation

The Barocco Foundation is a recently founded non-profit making organization. Although it is a new organization, it has been built on the multi-layered experience acquired and past successes of Miriam Agius, founder of the Foundation, formerly co-coordinator and manager of Barocco Cultural Events. The Barocco Foundation's aims are to cultivate and educate people to the appreciation of the arts and enhancing their aesthetic qualities. It also aims at promoting music and art and at providing a platform for the professional and emerging creative musicians and artists.


It will promote the well-being, socialization, dialogue and entertainment of all people involved, as these are valuable contributions to the positive interests of society.

So far the Foundation is operating its events at Palazzo de Piro and the Oratory of St. Francis Valletta and it is always attempting to find more unique and beautiful historic venues to further its educational and aesthetic aims and also to provide its audience with more unique and fantastic experiences.